More Teacher Talk – COVID-19 and a response from school leadership: carry the flame and defend the weak, with Robert Ford

In the unprecedented times we find ourselves, this month’s blog is presented in a different format: a podcast. A transcript will follow shortly.

My entire focus for the past three weeks has been on readying my school community for the realities of what has now become a global pandemic: Covid-19 is a now familiar term for us all. It has presented all of us with rapidly changing parameters within which to operate and ensuring that we maintain provision, continuity and support for our young people has been, shall we say, challenging.

In the face of these incredibly difficult days, I was invited to take part in the podcast interview, linked below, to share my thoughts about the crisis, our whole school approach to meeting our community’s needs and ensuring the personal safety and mental wellbeing of staff and students whilst also continuing their educational provision in the best way possible.

If you wish to follow our ongoing, innovative programme whilst under full “lockdown” in Moldova, we are continuing to publish daily updates and news via our social media channels.

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More Teacher Talk – COVID-19 and a response from school leadership: carry the flame and defend the weak, with Robert Ford

In this episode we hear from Robert Ford, Director of HERITAGE International School in Moldova, Chisinau.  He shares an International School response to the global pandemic crisis and offers messages of hope and leadership.

He shares his thoughts on technology, community and how leadership can help to see around corners and make some kind of sense out of what is an increasingly unpredictable global situation.

These are, as I said, unprecedented times. Stay well, stay safe and continue to check and follow the guidance given by your governments and the WHO.

Best Wishes,


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